What is the coverage of basic caravan repairs in Wangara?

In Wangara, peace of mind that your caravan is all set to go for another road trip holiday means having it checked and serviced by caravan repairs, Wangara. While getting the caravan checked can be a hassle, it is essential if you want a safe and stress-free holiday on the road.

It might give or take, around four hours to cover 60 individual basic services in a caravan repair shop. Generally, caravan check-up services include:

Water systems

Blockages in the wastewater outlet are checked and observed including all taps. The valve seal of the toilet is also inspected to see if it is well lubricated. The battery-operated flush is also checked to see if it’s working as it should.


Roof lights need to operate at optimum levels. Caravan repairs in Wangara will open and close roof lights to ensure their proper operation. All fixed vents will also be checked for obstructions.

Running gear and chassis

Checking the running gear and chassis of the caravan include:

  • Tyre checks including the spare tyre
  • Inspect the jockey wheel and underneath the caravan
  • Check the corner steady lubrication and coupling head area

Gas systems

Leaks in the gas supply will be checked using a manometer. Turning on all caravan appliances to include the water heater, oven, heating system and fridge is the way the mechanic checks and observes their proper operation. Vents are also checked for any obstruction.

The gas isolator taps are then used to turn off all the appliances. Next is to subject all gas appliances to a carbon monoxide room test. This means turning on all gas appliances inside the caravan. Simultaneously, doors and windows of the caravan will be closed for 15 minutes to allow a Flue Gas Analyser to check for possible leaks.


All blinds, windows, and doors are checked to see whether they are operating smoothly. The entire bodywork and roof of the caravan are subjected to a detailed inspection.

A damp meter will then be used inside the caravan. A normal damp meter reading should be between 0-15 percent. However, a re-check every 3 months or further investigation will be advised when the damp meter registers a reading between 15-20 percent.

Immediate attention is required when the reading showed by the damp meter is more than 20 percent. A high reading means that the caravan is showing area/s of water ingress. A damp report will be provided by a service technician while the service is ongoing.

Fire and safety

Checking the validity date of the carbon monoxide detector and the smoke alarm is done by testing them. The expiry date of a fire extinguisher will also be checked. The service technician will also check the fire blanket, if there is, to ensure that it is safe and secure.

Electrical systems

All external and internal lights will be checked and assessed. A loop check will be used to test all sockets. Simply put, everything that uses and requires electricity inside and outside of the caravan will all be inspected and checked to ensure their proper function.

Subjecting your caravan to regular service is important especially with the addition of modern appliances. The touring holiday becomes more memorable and enjoyable for you and your family when the caravan is in tip-top condition.